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The symptomatology of NET is directly dependent on the type of tumor structure and the type of hormones produced by it. Patients with apudoma experience symptoms characteristic of an excess of any biologically active substance in the body, for example, increased release of gastrin in gastrinoma leads to an increase in the acidity of the stomach and the development of peptic ulcers on its mucous surface.

The listed symptoms do not appear immediately, but only after the diameter of Levitra pills exceeds 0.5 cm and it begins to actively grow into the surrounding tissues and vascular walls. In addition to the above signs, patients develop symptoms that accompany any oncological processes - signs of intoxication provoked by the decay of the cancerous structure, sudden weight loss, fever.

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In addition to specific symptoms, there are also common signs of Vardenafil, characteristic of all types of neuroendocrine tumors that develop in the digestive organs: the appearance in the abdominal cavity of painful sensations that do not have an exact localization; disturbances in the process of digestion due to oppressed gastric secretion; the presence of persistent watery diarrhea that does not stop for a long time; enlargement of the gallbladder and increased production of bile; constant flushes of blood, provoking flushing of the face; development of convulsive syndromes.

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Identification of a pathological condition includes 3 main tasks that allow you to draw up an adequate treatment protocol, and choose the tactics and scope of surgical intervention. To achieve these goals, a specialist needs to determine which biologically active substance is produced in excess or insufficient quantities, establish the location of the NET, and in case of damage to the pancreas, as indicated by the specific symptoms of apudoma, find out its direct location inside the digestive organ.

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The main diagnostic measures for this type of oncological process include a number of laboratory and instrumental studies. Diagnosis of apudoma begins with the identification of hereditary diseases and anamnesis. To achieve this goal, the specialist interviews the patient, evaluates his complaints and conducts an initial examination with palpation of the abdominal cavity.

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Further, to clarify the diagnosis of apudoma, a number of special diagnostic studies are performed: laboratory tests of urine and blood, allowing to identify biologically active substances produced by the tumor structure; endoscopic retrograde pancreatography. With its help, it is possible to identify a number of pathological disorders (obstruction, stenosis) that the pancreatic apudoma has produced in the pancreatic canals; internal ultrasound of the digestive organ, performed using an endoscope, allows you to more accurately determine the intraorgan location of the oncological tumor; CT and MRI.

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Symptoms and manifestation of apudoma.

These diagnostic procedures are used to clarify the characteristics of the maternal oncological tumor, as well as to identify metastases that have sprouted from it. The final diagnosis of apudoma, which makes it possible to establish the correct diagnosis and select an adequate course of therapy, is carried out using a histological examination. Using laparoscopy under X-ray or ultrasound control, biopsy material (thin tissue sections) is taken from suspicious areas of the pancreas for further examination under a microscope. A biopsy can also be taken with a fine-needle percutaneous puncture.

Main therapeutic measuresSurgical intervention is used to rid a cancer patient of NET. Its tactics and volume are directly dependent on the intraorganic part of the pancreas, in which the apudoma was localized, on the size of the primary focus and the prevalence of the oncological process.

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Removal of levitra can be performed using one of two options for surgical intervention: Enucleation (removal of a tumor structure without observing the principles used in oncological neoplasm surgery) of a part of the gland, tail or body, on the surface of which a single NET is located. Partial resection of the pancreas. This type of operation is performed when the malignant structure is located in the muscular layer of the digestive organ. Total (complete) removal of the pancreas is used for multiple neuroendocrine tumor foci.

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Before the operation, which will remove the apudoma, the patient is prescribed medication, including transfusion of fluid and electrolytes. This procedure is carried out to prevent the development of acidosis (violations in the body of the acid-base balance in the direction of increasing the level of acid).

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For massive transfusion of the liquid component, glucocorticoids (Cortisol), steroid hormones produced in the human body by the adrenal cortex, are most often used.

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Unfortunately, surgical excision of the apudoma is not always possible, since the identification of the true location of this type of oncotumor is associated with certain difficulties.


In addition, the operation is hindered by the small size of the neoplasm. That is why in practice the symptomatic treatment of apudoma is most often used.


In such therapy, medications are used that can stop the excessive production of a certain type of hormones, for example, with insulinomas, patients are prescribed glucocorticoids, prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors, and H1- or H2-histamine blockers that reduce insulin levels in the blood.

Chemotherapy for post- or pre-operative treatment of NET is used in rare cases, since chemotherapy drugs are ineffective in apudoma.

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Their use can give a positive result only with a low degree of differentiation and rapid growth of an endocrine oncological tumor. In these cases, 5-fluorouracil, Doxorubicin, Streptozocin are used. The appointment of courses and schemes of these drugs is carried out for each specific patient on an individual basis, taking into account the nature of the developing tumor structure.

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The symptoms of apudoma, which has reached the final stage of its development, are eliminated with the help of palliative therapy, which aims not to completely cure the cancer patient, but to improve the quality of his life at the final stage of levitra process.

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Worth knowing! In addition to the generally accepted standard methods of therapy for the treatment of pancreatic apudoma, the latest methods are also being used, which are currently undergoing clinical trials and can become a new standard in the near future in the elimination of endocrine pancreatic tumors.

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Their use allows some patients to save life or extend its terms for the longest possible time period. Forecast of life in apudoma.

Timely and adequate treatment of apudoma gives almost 90% of cancer patients a real chance for a full recovery. Life prognosis for apudoma depends on its size and stage of development. The best prognostic data are observed in small, not exceeding 2 cm in diameter, highly differentiated neoplasms.

In addition, life expectancy with apudoma is directly dependent on which hormone-producing oncotumor develops in the human body: VIPoma and Neurotensin allow patients to live for 3-11 years after a successful operation.

The onset of early death in these diseases is possible due to the development in a person of dehydration of the body, severe acidosis, heart or kidney failure. With gastrinoma and glucagonoma, a favorable outcome is possible only in the case of timely detection of levitra pills and a full course of adequate therapy.

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Pancreatic carcinoid and medullary apudoma of the thyroid gland give most patients the chance to reach the 15-year life limit, as well as exceed it, but only with timely surgical treatment. When diagnosing PPoma or Somatostatinoma, the prognosis will be directly dependent on the timing of the start of therapeutic measures.

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Worth knowing! The worst life prognosis occurs in cases where a cancer patient has metastases with apudoma. Secondary malignant vardenafil 20mg foci are formed in the bone structures of the lungs and liver, which significantly reduces the patient's chances for a further full life and contributes to the onset of early death.

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